Childcare / School


The educational system in the Republic of Macedonia consists of the following:

Preschool education

The system of pre-school child care in Macedonia is organized in nursery schools or kindergartens. The nursery schools enroll children up to two years of age, while in the kindergartens there are children from two years of age until they start school at the age of 6/7. The services of care, day care, upbringing and education in the kindergartens are performed in several types of groups according to children’s age. The instruction is performed in Macedonian, however there are educational institutions, which offer the same services in different languages. More information can be found below.


International playschool of Skopje

British Children’s Academy

St.Paul's International Kindergarten


Elementary education


Primary education is mandatory, lasts for a duration of 9 years and is free for everybody. According to the law, the start of the new school year beings on the 1st of September and ends on the 31st of August the next year. The instruction is taught in Macedonian language. Where the majority of the population is of other ethnicity than Macedonian, then the instruction is held in the native language of the majority of the ethnic population, with mandatory courses in Macedonian.


There are also private primary schools that use English as the basic teaching language, with Macedonian language courses being mandatory:

Secondary education

Secondary education in Macedonia is mandatory by law and free of charge. Secondary education lasts for a duration of four years, except vocational schools, which last only 3 years.

Secondary education can be:

  • General High School
  • Vocational schools
  • Art school
  • High school for handicapped children

There are also private high schools in Macedonia which are formally recognized by the Ministry of education and science and these are:

Higher education

The educational programs for attaining higher education are divided in three separate cycles.

  • First cycle of educational studies
  • Second cycle of education studies
  • And third cycle, doctorate studies.

The first cycle of university studies, or undergraduate studies, last anywhere from 3 to 4 years and when completed the student receives anywhere from 180 to 240 ECTS credits. Upon completion of undergraduate studies, one can apply for the second cycle of university studies, or the postgraduate programs, or Master studies, which will enable one to become employed as a professional.

Postgraduate university studies last anywhere from one to two years and allow for such privileges as employment in certain professional areas.

With the completion of postgraduate studies, a student can receive anywhere from 60 up to 120 ECTS credits.

The third cycle of university studies, or doctorate studies, according to the law, last 3 years, and fulfils 180 ETCS credits. With the public presentation of the doctorate dissertation one obtains the formal title Doctor of Sciences or Doctor of Arts.

Public Universities:

Private Universities in Macedonia: