Recognition of qualifications

The recognition of foreign higher education qualifications is
carried out for the purposes of employment 
(professional recognition) or continuation of education (academic recognition) in Macedonia, and it is based on theLaw on Recognition of qualifications. The body responsible for issuing certificate is The Information Center for equalization and recognition of foreign high educational qualifications, a body within the Ministry of Education, which is to assist holders of foreign diplomas, obtainrecognition of their qualifications in Macedonia.



1. Filing an application for recognition of professional qualification by the candidate to the competent Ministry or any other competent authority, in electronic form.

2. The competent ministry or other competent authority then compares incoming written documentation of professional qualifications of the candidate with the professional qualifications required for performing the actual occupation of the general system of regulated Professions.

3. If the competent ministry or other competent authority found that the candidate does not meet the requirements for performing the actual occupation of the general system of regulated professions can issue a decision for temporary performance of the profession with an obligation for the candidate within one month, to take additional measures for recognition of professional qualifications, such as:

- Additional check of the candidate's professional qualifications before the competent authority or

- To determine a timeframe during which the candidate should adjust and meet the missing conditions for the required profession.


4. In case the candidate's application is properly filled, the competent ministry or other competent authority is obliged to issue a decision within two months of receipt of the application.


List of documents needed for procedure

1. Application form. Application form needs to include: the foreigner's personal information, including: name, date of birth, place of birth, nationality, gender, passport number and the exact name of the service that arises from the general system of regulated professions which a foreigner wants to give; Written confirmation of the acquired professional qualifications; Information about insurance in case of damages and other insurances that are associated with the provision of the service of the profession covered; the time at which the foreigner will give the service.

2. Citizenship certificate issued by a competent authority,

3. Diploma of Higher Education

4. A document issued by a competent authority for the professional qualifications and professional experience of the candidate

5. Document of possessing other qualifications.

The documents should be submitted with certified notary translation.


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